With Arsene Wenger set to stay at Arsenal for at least another two years despite not having the best season in the league, it’s easy to lose sight of everything he’s achieved up until this point.

  • Wenger set to sign new two-year deal
  • Is second-most successful manager domestically
  • Has only ever spent more than £60m twice in 21 years
  • Used more players than any other manager

After the news of Wenger’s new deal, emotions are bound to be running high, whether that’s because you’re delighted he’s staying or furious that the club appears to have no spine and has chosen to stick with him rather than accept change.

However, when you look back at his past achievements, it’s very easy to understand why the Arsenal board places so much faith in him to this day.

After 21 years at Arsenal, Wenger has won 16 trophies: three Premier League titles, six Community Shields and, as we’re all now well aware, seven FA Cups.

This makes the Frenchman the most successful manager in the history of the FA Cup and, according to the BBC, the second-most successful in domestic competitions behind Sir Alex Ferguson during his reign at Manchester United.

In total, Wenger’s spent £687.59m on transfers while in north London and has only ever gone above the £60m mark twice compared to Chelsea who have spent more than that 11 times.

The manager also leads the way in the amount of players under him who have played over 100 times (50), as well as players used in total (162).

Despite results appearing to go downhill since Arsenal’s move to the Emirates, the club’s win rate has only dipped by around 3%.

At Highbury their win rate was 70.2%; now it’s 67%.

So you see, perhaps the board have every reason to have faith in Wenger. Or maybe these statistics means nothing going forward. But he at least deserves the respect of every Arsenal fan.

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