After Ozil’s great finish against Middlesbrough, with none other than his RIGHT foot, it got me thinking about how often he has actually used his weaker foot.

He hasn’t scored many goals for Arsenal with his weaker right foot (at least one against Bournemouth).

But this isn’t an Ozil bashing article, I thought he played very well and ran his socks off the whole game, but more a question as to why so many of our professional football players cannot for the life of them use their weaker foot.

Barring the magical Santi, no one else in the Arsenal squad is confident with their weaker foot. There have been so many times this season where a player has been in a great position, either approaching the opposition’s box or even in the box, but on their weaker foot, so attempts to get the ball onto their stronger foot.

It becomes so frustrating to watch when a potential goal is stopped due to a player’s nervousness of using their weaker foot.

That’s why I was so impressed to see Ozil just smash the ball into the back of the net with his chocolate leg!

If, like so many other times, he had tried to shift the ball onto his left it could have led to his shot being blocked and thus no goal.

However, it’s not just shots, the amount of times I’ve seen a player on the wing pass the ball back to our defence instead of squaring it through to the midfield because they would have had to have used their weaker foot is quite astounding. I even saw it in the game against Boro – Gabriel on the wing passing it back instead of squaring to Xhaka in acres of space.

It’s frustrating as passes like that can lead Arsenal to better attacks instead of slowing the game down.

So why can’t players do it?

It’s not just Arsenal players that struggle to do this, but most players.

I always find it crazy that so many professional players (that are paid so much) can only use one foot!

Is it not possible for Arsenal/footballers to practice this in training? It is a skill that can be taught and as a professional, it is astounding that they are not pushed to do this more.

My recommendation for Arsène is to simply make the players practice using their weaker foot for an hour each training session (though maybe practice defending set pieces first).