As a last attempt to keep Alexis in Arsenal, here’s a wallpaper!

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Just joking, of course he’s staying.

I haven’t made a player wallpaper in a while because, well, the players didn’t motivate me to do it with their performances on the pitch. To be quite honest with you, Alexis Sanchez is Not sure Alexis has ever looked better definitely not among my faves at the moment.

No match goes by without me shouting at him to pass the ball and stop being so selfish, and then he goes and scores, or assists Mesut with a backheel and then Mesut assists Theo.

I mean, sure, Alexis frustrates me BUT, I will always admire his winning mentality and the way he can turn the match around with a move or two.

Plus, his Instagrams with his dogs are just amazing and make my day.

I know a lot of gooners are massive Alexis fans, so I hope this will appeal to you as well. I developed a slight obsession with nebulas and clouds and stars over the last year so this wallpaper is keeping with the theme.

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