Thierry Henry believes that Arsenal are no longer a big draw for top talent according to his recent S*n column.

  • Henry says top talent has no reason to come to Arsenal
  • “I don’t see anything to attract the big players”, Henry says
  • Still wonders why he can’t coach at Arsenal

The former player, who was all over the papers this weekend in a story slamming Arsene Wenger for blocking his return to Arsenal, has shown once again why his media duties and a coaching role at Arsenal just cannot mix.

“It kills me to say this as an Arsenal fan, but my old club are not an attractive destination any more for the top, top players,” Henry said before the game against Boro.

“Why would the leading players who can have a real impact in the Premier League and improve that Arsenal team come to the Emirates?

“And I don’t base this on the fact that Arsenal look like they won’t qualify for the Champions League next season.

“I don’t see anything to attract the big players.

“The club has money, we are told, so the wages must be on offer. And yes, London is great, the stadium is great.

“But it’s not just money, London or a shiny stadium. It’s the chances of success.”

Can you imagine a coach of Arsenal telling the media that there is no reason for ‘top players’ to come to the club?

Whether you agree with his statements or not, this sort of thing cannot do anything to help Arsene Wenger change his mind that Henry should be involved at Arsenal.