Congrats, my fellow Gooners, we survived yet another season!

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It has been fun at times but more frustrating than usual, yet it could still end gloriously or as our worst season under Wenger.

May is a big month for everyone at the club, especially for us fans.

It starts with a bang – a home tie against Jose Mourinho and his United, direct competition for our beloved Top 4 spot.

Me being there to watch it live a the Emirates is surely some added pressure on our boys although I’ll love them even if they lose (just please God not 8-2 again).

But, I am confident. Spirits are good and United are nothing special. Not that that has ever stopped Arsenal before.

After that match, the schedule is very crowded and we have three matches in 6 days.

First we have a trip to Southampton who beat us in the home fixture but we kicked them out of the cup, and they don’t look so good. A win is a must.

After that, a nasty trip back in time a few centuries to Stoke-on-Trent. I have no idea what to expect from that match, as it seems so far away, but I’m gonna go with a win because we’ll be closer to the top four and will need it! #optimist4ever

The season ends with two home fixtures, and hopefully two home wins.

First up is Sunderland which would be embarrassing not win – although we have embarrassed ourselves already this season plenty.

The league ends with a home match against Everton, in a festive mood I hope.

Then – the final match of 2016/17 – the FA Cup final against Conte’s Chelsea, our 20th FA Cup final and our chance to win a record-breaking 14th FA Cup trophy.

I am perhaps too confident about that but I simply can’t help it. We love the cup, we play well, we were good against City and we were generally okay against Chelsea this season (if you take both matches in consideration).

So why wouldn’t I be confident? We can do this. And we will.

The beautiful photo for this month was taken by Jason who is running an amazing photo blog Humans Of The Arsenal. Follow his work on Twitter @humansofarsenal.

Thank you so much, Jason!

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