Gary Neville believes that even if Arsenal get rid of Arsene Wenger they won’t win the league, while other pundits think Arsenal have fallen too far behind now.

  • Sky Sports man thinks other clubs are stronger
  • Graeme Souness also feels club has fallen away
  • Jamie Carragher: Arsenal need to sign a different type of player

Arsenal are hanging their hopes on Arsene Wenger changing rather than changing Arsene Wenger but many are concerned the damage is now too deep for the club to recover by doing either of those things.

Speaking in a feature in the Daily Telegraph, Neville said, “I still think if Arsenal got rid of Arsène Wenger they wouldn’t win the league.

“I genuinely don’t think they would because I think, ultimately, other clubs are stronger.

“They could, but we’ll never know, or we may know one day, I suppose.”

Asked if he thought Wenger should go, Graeme Souness, added, “I personally think it would be very difficult for him to stay.

“I’ve always said about Arsenal for the last decade, they were only ever two or three players away from being the real deal.

“I think they’re further away than that now.”

Jamie Carragher, meanwhile, added, “I think they have spent big: Özil, Sánchez, the centre-back Mustafi, Xhaka in midfield. You’re talking £30 or £40million players – that is a lot of money that he is spending.

“I just don’t see them getting close to the title now, I think the profile of player needs to change. I think it will be better for everyone to go out, shake hands, make sure everyone is on good terms and thank him for the job he’s done.”

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