Olivier Giroud scores at a better rate for Arsenal than Alexis Sanchez, despite the former being labelled a donkey and the latter world-class.

Olivier Giroud has scored 95 goals for Arsenal in 14, 359 minutes. That equals a goal every 151 minutes.

Alexis has scored 64 in 10,949 minutes – a goal every 171 minutes.

When you factor in assists, things are pretty neck-and-neck with the Frenchman scoring or assisting every 106 minutes, Alexis 104.

What does this mean?

It means that people are morons when they talk about Olivier Giroud being rubbish.It doesn’t mean I’m saying that he’s better than Alexis, just that when I looked at some stats, they surprised me.

As I already discussed, Giroud never stood a chance when he arrived at Arsenal.

All you have to do is look at how he is treated compared to Alexis. One is venerated while the other widely and incessantly criticised.

Can you really say Giroud deserves the reputation he has?

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