Nacho Monreal has proven that perhaps he’s not a striker after all with his post-match comments after the Leicester win.

  • Monreal responsible for Huth’s own goal
  • Claims he doesn’t care if it was an own goal
  • Striker would always try and claim it

Monreal has been immense over the last few games, scoring the equalising goal against Manchester City to send Arsenal though to the FA Cup final, and being responsible for the Gunners’ only goal against Leicester.

The left-back had a shot on goal in the 86th minute. It was going wide but deflected off Robert Huth into the net. The goal meant that Arsenal not only won the match 1-0 but they’re now four points off the top four.

Speaking after the match, Monreal claimed that he didn’t care whether it was his goal or an own goal, he just happy it was a goal at all, which proves that he’s still a defender at heart.

If he had the mind of a striker, he would be twisting himself in knots trying to claim that goal as his.

“I don’t know if it was my goal, or an own goal, but I don’t mind!” Monreal insisted.

“The most important thing is we won, we got the three points and we have to keep fighting until the end of the season.”