Former Liverpool chief executive, Ian Ayre, claims that Alexis Sanchez turned down a move to Merseyside in 2014 because the Chilean and his wife preferred London.

  • Liverpool on verge of signing Alexis in 2014
  • Player chose Arsenal because of Champions League football
  • Ayre claims it was because ‘his wife’ didn’t want Merseyside move
  • Alexis doesn’t have a wife

Ayre, who stood down as Liverpool chief executive in February, claims that Alexis’ refusal to join Liverpool was purely geographical. You know, because Alexis and ‘his wife’ wanted to relocate to London, which is clearly completely nonsense. Why? Well, Alexis doesn’t have a wife. He’s not married. Nor was he in 2014.

“There was much publicised interest in Alexis Sanchez, and that deal was done,” Ayre said.

“The only reason it wasn’t was that the player and his wife wanted to live in London. 

“We couldn’t move the football club to London unfortunately!”

Back in 2014, Liverpool were apparently on the verge of signing Alexis from Barcelona and were rather peeved when Arsenal completed a deal for the forward in July.

It was always reported that it was because the player’s decision, with Liverpool claiming at the time that it was a location-based choice and nothing to do with the club’s ambition. However, while ‘family’ was mentioned, a wife wasn’t.

“He’s a fantastic player and would have suited us,” said Liverpool boss at the time, Brendan Rodgers.

“His profile would have been great but it was not to be and we move on.”

“That was one where geography dictated where he wanted to go – simple as that. It’s been the other way.”

“Lots of players are really impressed by what we are doing as a club and really excited about coming to Liverpool.

“It wasn’t due to a lack of ambition by the club.

“It was about where the player and his family wanted to choose to live.”

However, Alexis actually claimed that it was because Arsenal had Mesut Ozil and Champions League football. So, quite a bit to do with ambition.

Is Ayre claiming that the Chilean’s non-existent wife didn’t want to move to Liverpool just to save face?

Or did Alexis and his team actually tell a bit of a porky pie?

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