Anita used to be the most positive Arsenal fan on the planet and nothing could shake her faith in Arsene Wenger…until this season.


1. In the beginning

Brace yourselves  – I’ve sat down to write something rather than make yet another set of wallpapers for players that frustrate me for 90 minutes every week.

To be honest, I’ve had an urge to write something about Arsenal since the home defeat to Bayern. A lot has been said and opinions are being shared every day, from both sides. I always think my opinion isn’t that different from many others and my urge to write it down usually stays only that.

But, here I am.

One of the reasons I sometimes don’t feel comfortable writing about my Arsenal thoughts is the fact I haven’t actually been a Gooner for that long compared to most of people I hang out with virtually.

Just a month or so ago, Facebook’s On This Day feature reminded me that it’s been 11 years since I watched Arsenal win against Juventus in Champions League and fell in love with a young Spanish midfielder and the club he played for.

I have never seen Arsenal win the league but I didn’t really feel like I was missing out. When I first started supporting Arsenal, I read the whole history and Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby so I was aware, bright and early, that titles don’t come easy and it used to be normal to go without a trophy for years.

We were in the Champions League final in my first season so I was used to losing too!

What I fell in love with at Arsenal was the way we played, that lovely football with beautiful passes and amazing team goals. It was all so nice but also somehow not “in your face” like Barcelona, for example.

Arsenal were always there, always playing their own football, not being cocky or mean in any way.

All that was lead by Arsene Wenger whom I grew to love as if he was one of my grandfathers that I’d never met. I never thought I would want a change or, even worse, that I’d think changing Wenger was the only way to keep me coming back to watch the matches.

I have always been Team Wenger, although perhaps not as much as most “AKBs”.

My patience with Arsenal has been larger than with anything else in my life.

They have frustrated me every weekend but, as with everyone else, I was looking forward to the next match as soon as the current one was finished.

This season, for the first time in these 11 years, I have enjoyed weekends without Arsenal more than those with them, and it’s not because of anxiety about the result.

It’s because I don’t enjoy watching them anymore.