Chelsea legend, Marcel Desailly, believes that Arsenal will have to withstand a couple of difficult seasons after Arsene Wenger leaves.

  • Wenger has come under heavy fire for Arsenal’s terrible form
  • Manager is said to want two-year deal but board are stalling
  • Juventus boss Max Allegri is said to be high on Arsenal’s wishlist

Despite admittedly not seeing the complete shambles that was Arsenal’s 3-0 loss against Crystal Palace (lucky him), Desailly pointed out what many of us probably already know: no better how bad it is now, it’s not going to be easy without Wenger.

“I didn’t see the game [Palace 3-0 Arsenal], but if you’ve said that they’ve lost, Arsenal supporters should again be very very disappointed,” the former defender told Sky Sports News HQ.

“It’s not about Wenger, it’s about what the chairman wants. They are the ones who have to come out and say something.

“Either we’ll keep Arsene because it’s the idea, philosophy and projection that they have, or they have to change it and know that it will be two or three difficult years afterwards.”

Wenger’s been at Arsenal for over two decades. He’s not just a manager, there’s parts of him in everything that surrounds the club. From the way they (at least used to) play football, the signings, the staff, the signs around the stadium.

No coach is bigger than the club but Wenger’s probably the closest there is to it.

When Wenger leaves, there will be an adjustment period and I’m sure most Arsenal fans have prepared themselves for that.

Even if a brilliant, experienced manager comes in and lifts the team, Arsenal aren’t a club that’s used to swapping managers like their underwear – it’s going to feel a bit strange.

Just look at Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson left.

And I still feel like a change of manager is the best course of action.

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