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Once again we read in the press that Arsene Wenger is not going to stump up the money to retain one of the best players we have seen at Arsenal since Thierry Henry.

Not only is heĀ our top scorer but, due to his sublime talent, he has assisted other less gifted players, helping them hit the back of the net this season.

Of course I am talking about our Alexis; passionate, driven, a true fighter who has risen to stardom playing bare-foot on the streets of Chile, obsessively chasing his dream of international recognition as the best player in the world.

I do not comprehend how our arrogant manager, who this season has split the fans and led us further down the league table than some Arsenal fans have ever experienced, can let this guy go for the sake of a principle that worked 20 years ago, but is now as outdated as he is.

Does he not realise that we will see Alexis return to the Emirates wearing a Man City shirt or worse, Chelsea?

Does he want another Van Persie or Fabregas scenario?

Does he want Arsenal to be a feeder club for our competitors?

And, finally, does he want to leave Arsenal under a black cloud rather than as a folk hero?

Yes, he turned our club around 20 years ago, but he is destroying it now.

For the sake of our credibility he must make a stand and manage in-line with his more successful peers.

We pay thousands of pounds every year for our season tickets and, frankly, we, the supporters deserve better than this.

It is simple – world class prices for world class players.

Simple mathematics, rational and commonsense.

Do yourself a favour Mr. Wenger, get that cheque book out and give Alexis what he wants, then give assurances to our other would-be leavers that this club, Arsenal Football Club, will return to its glory days, with or without you.

fanzone submission

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