Everton’s 23-year-old Belgian, Romelu Lukaku, is once again one of the main stars of recent transfer talk as doubts over his future continue and Everton slap a massive price tag on him.

  • Arsenal linked with Lukaku
  • Everton want £100m for their star striker
  • Doubtful anyone will pay that much

In an effort to prevent any of the interested parties actually coming in to bid for Lukaku, Everton have put a hefty price tag on a young Belgian.

Any interested club will have to splash out £100 million pounds, to be exact, and even though Lukaku is one of the best strikers in Premier League it seems quite improbable that anyone would be willing to pay that much.

Lukaku joined Everton on July 30 in 2014 for a club record transfer fee of £28 million, having spent two seasons on loan at the club, and with Mourinho reluctant to keep him at Chelsea.

The Belgian has proved his worth during the course of last few seasons, scoring double figures in every season of the Premier league since. He has scored 84 goals in total for Everton.

With 24 goals so far this season, the 23-year-old currently leads the table of top goalscorers with four more than Harry Kane and five more than Alexis Sanchez who are second and third.

Physically one of the strongest players in the league, Lukaku is also appreciated for his other strengths.

Quality dribbling and finishing make him a nightmare forward for any defender or goalkeeper as he can easily make his way to dangerous positions.

His physicality is highlighted when playing with his back to goal as he can receive the ball high up the pitch and retain possession until his teammates catch up, allowing for fast counter attacks. With his height, he can also lower the balls for players around him to set up a shot.

For a striker he certainly isn’t a selfish one and if a situation doesn’t look promising he will look for a teammate in a better position. This season he’s grabbed seven assists which is kind of a tradition for him as he made at least seven assists in every one of the last four seasons.

The only low point in his play that can be considered a weakness is his defensive contribution as he often doesn’t fall back, although his style and utilisation often doesn’t call on him to drop back.