Jack Wilshere is apparently up for a move to China according to a story that started in the Daily Star as an EXCLUSIVE and has quickly spread to all the main ‘media’ players.

  • Wilshere’s Arsenal contract expires next season
  • His recent injury has put his future in doubt
  • Bournemouth unlikely to sign him permanently

Claiming that Arsene Wenger and Jack Wilshere will sit down for face-to-face talks this week, the article doesn’t get off to the best start considering Wenger has already said all contract talks are on hold until the summer.

The piece then continues, claiming that should the current lack of interest in Wilshere continue, he will consider heading to China – unlikely given his devotion to his two small children and the fact that he is likely to get another Arsenal contract.

The Daily Star give no indication where they get this information from but I think we can all have a good guess…

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