Jack Wilshere wants to return to Arsenal this summer and fight for a place in the midfield.

Jack Wilshere is reportedly keen to return to Arsenal, even more so if Mesut Ozil leaves according to the S*n and Daily Star.

Whereas Jack is merely ‘keen’ in the S*n, by the time he reaches the Daily Star he’s become desperate, so take your pick.

Recently Wilshere said that he had no idea what he would do about his future and that he wouldn’t be thinking about it until the season was over. His main priority, he said, was achieving Premier League security for Bournemouth.

The S*n don’t say where they get their information from, perhaps some new mind-reading tech that Rupert Murdoch has funded, but it’s nice to see a positive story around Arsenal.

These last few weeks have been tough with one negative story after another, so this is a refreshing change of pace.

Wilshere is out of contract next summer like a host of Arsenal players. The club have stopped all contract negotiations until the season is over as they try and rescue a top four finish and win the FA Cup.

Ozil, for his part, is still saying he likes Arsenal and London, but I don’t see why Jack and Mesut has to be an either or situation.