Arsene Wenger has revealed that Arsenal are still looking for a new academy manager after Andries Jonker left to coach Wolfsburg and took Freddie Ljungberg with him.

Arsenal appear to be taking their time over finding a new guy, which could be because no one knows what Wenger himself is doing yet and if he’s leaving, the club might have a complete shake-up from top to bottom.

Wenger insists that the club are just looking for the right guy with the right philosophy to fill Jonker’s shoes.

“We have many candidates and we have a lot of time now to choose the best one,” Wenger said.

“That’s a process we have started and ideally you want people with the Arsenal spirit.

“We have special values here. If it could be a person who reflects our values, then of course that would be even better.”

Jonker was only in north London for a couple of seasons so you’d imagine a replacement shouldn’t be too far away. Although it would have probably been easier if he hasn’t flown off with Freddie, our Under-15s coach.

Steve Morrow, Pep Segura, Mark Warburton and legend Dennis Bergkamp have all been linked with the job. However, in the mean time, Luke Hobbs is in charge.