Mesut Ozil has reiterated how happy he is at Arsenal amid all the press nonsense that he’s definitely off in the summer.

It was previously reported that Ozil would only stay at Arsenal should Arsene Wenger renew his current contract, but the German has denied this is the case.

Speaking to Bild, Ozil said, “There were talks with the people in charge of Arsenal, but I am currently concentrating on the current season, just like the leaders of Arsenal.

“I’ve always said I feel happy at Arsenal: the club, the fans, the city – it’s all here.

“Arsene Wenger was one of the main reasons why I came to Arsenal but it would be wrong to say that my future depends only on the trainer.”

There would be no shortage of takers for Ozil should he decide to leave. While I don’t know what is taking so long to get a deal agreed, I do feel confident that he will renew and remain at Arsenal.

Alexis is off, that much is clear, but keeping Ozil, for me, is more important.

He’s the one who took a chance to come to Arsenal when we weren’t buying that level of player.

When Alexis came, Ozil was already here and would have no doubt played a part in the Chilean’s decision.

Ozil was a statement of intent from Arsenal, and no matter how that ‘intent’ has turned out, losing Ozil would send a huge, negative statement to the world of football and be a far bigger step backwards than losing Alexis.

Plus, Ozil is a far better player than Sanchez – no matter what large parts of the media try to make you believe.