Jamie Vardy has given yet another interview about having no regrets after turning Arsenal down, closing the gap that had started to open up between interviews given and goals scored.

For a large part of this season, Vardy’s interviews about Arsenal were outdoing his goal tally, but a recent revival saw him outscore his own feeling of importance to the Gunners.

“If I’d played like that I would have been in the same situation there [at Arsenal], so no. No, not at all,” he said, talking about how he has been held accountable for getting Claudio Ranieri the sack.

“The main thing was not to let it get you down. That is the worst thing – then you will just never want to go on the pitch again. So you just have to keep working hard.”

In reality, the interview wasn’t really about him turning down Arsenal again. He was clearly asked a question – again- by a journalist who has obviously not been bored by the issue.

Still, it’s fun to keep the tally going.