Former manager and mentor of Max Allegri, Giovanni Galeone, believes that the Italian would fit in well at Arsenal and that the club already have the players there to make a ‘young and fun team’.

Speaking in an interview with Il Messaggero the former manager of Udinese, Napoli, Pescara and others, said, It’s an historical club that Arsène commands. Everything will depend on his decision. 

“For the tradition that’s there, Max could make a young and fun team. 

“Then there are the players able to adapt well to his game. They might even convince him to stay at Juve, we see.”

Back in January, Galeone told Radio Sportiva, “To me the Allegri cycle at Juventus is over.

“If he were to win another championship, I hope Allegri then goes to England.

“Arsenal could be the right challenge for him, for his sake, it would be a good thing to take over from Wenger in a team that has not won for a long time too.

“Look what Conte’s doing, what did Ranieri or even Di Matteo [did]. I think England would be a very attractive target for Allegri’s career.

“Max would go with pleasure even before the arrival of Conte,” he continued. “His name was mentioned, but nothing happened even though he would have been happy.”

It’s worth noting that back in February, 2016, Galeone told the media “I think Max will go to Chelsea and will do very well. Allegri is doing incredible things, even if the club failed to buy the players he requested last summer: from Mario Gotze, to Isco.

“He will leave Italy, and I see him going to England because the deal Roman Abramovich has offered is really fantastic.

“As one of the five best coaches in the world, he has to leave Juventus, it makes no sense for him to stay in Italy.”

Galeone was manager at Pescara when Allegri was a player there. He then agreed to join Udinese when Galeone was manager, where he became part of the coaching staff.