Paul Merson believes that Arsenal against Lincoln on Saturday will be ‘ridiculous’ which makes you wonder if he watched Arsenal when they went to Sutton United.

“Arsenal need a result badly and they will get one here,” Merse told Sky Sports.

“The gulf between the two sides will be ridiculous, especially on the carpet of a pitch at the Emirates.

“This is Arsenal’s only chance now of any sort of success this season so I don’t see anything other than a home win.

“It’s great Lincoln have got to this stage but this is where it will end for them.”

Arsenal desperately need a result but as we saw at Gander Green Lane, it’s not quite as easy as just turning up and walking off with a victory. And Lincoln are a better side than Sutton.

That being said, if you can’t be confident against a side 90 places below you then you should probably take up another sport.

It will take all of the stars aligning against Arsenal for Lincoln to get a result here. Arsenal will have to play one of the worst games of their lives, Lincoln their best, and you will still need Anthony Taylor to be at his most Taloyrish for Lincoln to even be in without a prayer.

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