Over the past five years in the Premier League Arsenal have used fewer players than any of their main rivals.

The Gunners have fielded just 65 players over the past half-decade (01/03/2012-02/03/2017), 17 fewer than Chelsea, nine fewer than Tottenham and Manchester United and eight fewer than Manchester City.

In comparison to Liverpool, the gap is even wider – Liverpool have used 91 – more than any of the other top sides and only outdone in England by Sunderland (101).

Arsenal’s tally is in line with many of the great European teams. Barcelona (66) have used just one more, for instance. PSG 64, Borussia Dortmund 68 and Real Madrid 64. Bayern Munich, remarkably, have used just 55.

Laurent Koscielny has played the most Premier League minutes for Arsenal over the same period (12,492’) while at their rivals:

  • Chelsea – Bratislav Ivanovic 13,742’
  • Liverpool – Jordan Henderson 12,249’
  • Tottenham – Hugo Lloris 14,169’
  • Manchester United – David de Gea 15,554
  • Manchester City – Joe Hart 13,640