It seems that Arsenal fans would prefer an experienced manager over a young, exciting one.

After Arsene Wenger’s notorious stubbornness, it’s been speculated by sections of the media that Arsenal fans need a young, fresh manager to take the club forward. However, it appears that this isn’t necessarily what they want.

When our talented graphics guru, Anita Sambol, put the question to you lot on Twitter, she got an interesting reaction.

When asked to vote between a young and exciting manager, an experienced manager, a former Arsenal player or Arsene Wenger (a not-so-stubborn version), the overwhelming majority decided they would much rather experience.

With Wenger being at the club for 21 years, fans have obviously grown used to the stability and reassurance that experience can bring. The only fly in the ointment is when that experience isn’t quite as reassuring as it once was.

Interestingly, almost as many people voted for non-stubborn Wenger as a young exciting manager.

Thankfully, hardly anyone wanted an ex-player in charge. While it would be nice in theory, none of the former players who are in management at the moment, such as Patrick Vieira, have enough experience to coach Arsenal right now. In the future, perhaps.