Arsene Wenger once again managed to find words to praise his players and try to shift any doubt over his team preparation by saying ‘we had the right attitude’ after the defeat at Stamford Bridge.

I love Arsene Wenger and have defended him to the hilt, but this is getting beyond tedious.

We see the same poverty performances against top sides and hear the same, tired lines trotted out as if we’re some sort of Trump-following morons who will believe anything.

“We had the right attitude but we lacked a little bit experience, quality as well maybe,” Wenger said after the whistle.

“Even our experienced players were not at their best but overall the team gave absolutely everything until the end but we lacked some maturity in the build-up and caught many times on the counter attack when we couldn’t afford it.

“We have a resilience, I don’t question the resilience in our side. It’s just today, it all went a little bit against us, you know.

“I think we made on the first goal a real tactical mistake on top of that on the second goal we were a bit naive maybe. After we tried to come back, it’s true as well, we played with five strikers so you’re a bit more exposed to the counter attack.”

Where do you even start with that?

How many times have you heard the same thing?

So tiring.

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