For anyone who cares for Arsene Wenger (regardless of stay or go), watching him give interviews after the Bayern match was even more painful than the Arsenal result.

The manager did his media duties, albeit taking only three questions at his press conference. But he looked as if he was, mentally, somewhere dark, like the rest of us.

The interview before that, however, was the one that broke many hearts. As he spoke to the reporter, you couldn’t hear his words, drawn into his eyes which told the saddest tale.

This was a man who has devoted his life to football finally realising that his time at Arsenal was done. He knew, as he stood reeling from his side’s latest capitulation, that he cannot stay any longer. He was taking in the fact that this was his last away game in the Champions League. That he would never win that trophy with the club he’s devoted his career to building, the club he’d helped outgrow him.

It seems impossible now that Wenger will stay after the end of this season. Whatever your feelings about that, it takes a cold heart to watch a 67-year-old man realise his life’s dream is in tatters and there’s no way back.

It’s a hard watch, especially towards the end.

But it’s as real a reaction from anyone in football as you’re ever going to see: