Swansea boss, Paul Clement, has described Arsenal as exceptional and revealed that if Bayern Munich manager, Carlo Ancelotti, needs any help beating us in the Champions League, he’s his man.

Arsenal’s 4-0 win over Swansea was probably our most convincing of the season so far, except maybe for the 3-0 against Chelsea, and Clement described us as exceptional.

“Arsenal are a very good side,” he told the Sunday Post earlier in the week. “The day I watched them and also against us, they played very well.

“Particularly in the second half, so fast in the transition, so many quality players, you make one mistake and they punish you, which they did against us.”

The Gunners now travel to Germany to face Bayern in the Champions League and since Clement worked alongside Ancelotti at Bayern just last year, he revealed that he could give his former peer some advice, although he doubts the Italian will need it.

“Ancelotti watches so much football I don’t think he will need me but, of course, if he wanted any particular advice, I would be more than happy to help him with that,” he said.

Obviously, Clement’s comments appear very tongue-in-cheek, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Ancelotti have at least spoken about the tie.

Hopefully, Arsenal can live up to Clement’s hype and take advantage of Bayern’s shaky form. Bayern are not Swansea but if we can harness the hunger we felt that day, we should be able to get a result at the Allianz.

Source: The Sunday Post.