Sutton United will not ask to switch their game to Selhurst Park despite media reports on Tuesday that they would.

Within around half an hour of the Daily Mail saying that Sutton wanted to switch grounds, the Mirror were running a piece stating that they weren’t. The Mail then followed up with a piece saying the same later in the day.

Years ago, a club like Sutton could ask to have the game switched to Arsenal to take financial advantage of a 60,000 crowd compared to 5,000 which is all their ground can hold. That sort of windfall for a non-league club cannot be understated.

The powers that be, however, who have no problems with games being moved to stupid times for TV (and therefore their own financial gain) no longer allow this.

Given the chance to play at a larger, neutral venue, Sutton have opted to keep the game at home and it’s hard to have a problem with that. It is a massive game for their fans and it will not be an easy task for Arsenal’s pampered stars.

Sutton United away dressing room
Sutton United away dressing room

Speaking to the BBC, Sutton’s chairman, Bruce Elliott said, “We have every intention of the game going ahead at Sutton because that is what the FA Cup is all about.”