Sutton United manager, Paul Doswell, has revealed that while he respects Arsene Wenger, he has no sympathy for him following Arsenal’s 5-1 thrashing at the hands of Bayern Munich midweek.

Speaking to the Non-League Football Paper while simultaneously watching the Gunners get beaten in the Champions League, Doswell said, “Do I have sympathy for Arsene Wenger? I wouldn’t say that.

“I have respect for him of course, what he has achieved in the game is incredible but no sympathy. He is well schooled. I don’t feel sorry for any of the big name managers out there.

“It’s our job, if we can, to try and make things that little bit more difficult for them on Monday.”

To be fair, I’m sure Wenger wouldn’t want his sympathy, either. He understands the job he has to do and if he doesn’t do it, that’s no one’s fault but his own and the players’.

Doswell admitted though that now, because of Arsenal’s loss to Bayern, Sutton’s FA Cup clash against the Gunners is set to be even tougher since there’s more at stake.

“Even the most optimistic Arsenal fan will think they are out of the Champions League now, which means the FA Cup takes on a greater importance,” the 50-year-old said.

“It was a disappointing night for them. There are levels in sport and Bayern Munich are, at the moment, better than anybody else. 

“They are in that Barcelona and Real Madrid standard. That is what you saw last night.”

Sutton chairman, Bruce Elliott, is just as excited about the impending clash. Although he did want to draw Manchester United in the next round.

“What am I going to do on Tuesday? A holiday sounds quite an attractive proposition – but then we could be planning for the quarter-final, couldn’t we?” Elliot said to the Daily Express.

“We will know the draw because it is on Sunday, which is quite frightening in itself – we will be in the draw for the quarter-finals. And my dream draw? Old Trafford. I’ve always had a soft spot for United

“But let’s not get carried away. We have to keep our feet on the ground.”

Instead whoever wins on Monday night faces Lincoln. Not quite as lucrative as Manchester United…