Sutton United manager, Paul Doswell, has condemned the crowd trouble than took place at Gander Green Lane after Arsenal had knocked Sutton out of the cup on Monday night.

The police seemed to be set for a quiet night, with just one incident in the first half – the world’s worst streaker, still wearing his pants, along with a giraffe head, making his way onto the pitch.

But after the final whistle, when the Sutton fans (soon joined by their Arsenal counterparts) made their way on to the pitch, things got a bit out of hand.

At one point, there were reports of a bottle being thrown towards/at Arsene Wenger, but the Arsenal boss didn’t seem to want to make a big deal of it.

“I don’t know if it was at me or someone else or the referee, but there was a bottle thrown, yes,” he said.

Doswell, however, was not looking to play anything down. “It disappointed me at the end,” he told reporters. “They don’t support Sutton. Absolute idiots.”

The trouble, however, could not take away what was a memorable night for the National League side who gave Arsenal’s superstars a real run for their money. They may be out of the cup for this year, but the effects of their cup run will be felt at the club for a long time.

Asked what it meant for his club, Doswell replied, “A legacy for the club, that allows them to go and put right all the things they wanted to put right.

“We’ve got to get safe in the National League to have really had a good season. If we finish 18th, with what’s happened (in the cup)… It’s a remarkable thing that’s happened.

“Everything inside, all the toilets, everything you’d want your house to look like, we’re going to put our house in order. It won’t be spent on players.”