Mesut Ozil has found an unlikely ally in Rio Ferdinand, who has said the German is being made a a scapegoat for problems at Arsenal.

I could not agree more, Rio!

While I’ll admit that Ozil has been off-colour lately, since his return from a viral infection no less, the stick that he’s been getting from all quarters is simply absurd.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Ferdinand said, “Mesut Ozil has become an easy scapegoat when things are going wrong at Arsenal. It’s not fair and it’s not right.

“There will be a lot of scrutiny on the midfielder when he returns to Germany tomorrow night.

“It’s true that he has gone off the boil of late and Arsenal do need him to step up in what is an enormous game but, barring Alexis Sanchez, you could say the same about all of the players.

“It’s easy to blame Ozil because he has a languid style. For his game to prosper, he needs other people to be constantly running and moving for him, to provide a target.”

Others in the league are being hailed while Ozil is being slated every time he takes to the pitch.

It’s almost as if he isn’t creating more chances than most of these ‘on-fire’ players and people are total morons:

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