Mesut Ozil spoke to Arsene Wenger before he joined Real Madrid and told the boss that Arsenal would be the ‘first address’ if he changed clubs again.

Wenger had tried to get Ozil to join Arsenal instead of the Spanish giants, speaking to the player on the phone.

Looking at a picture of himself with Arsene Wenger at a press conference, Ozil told the new issue of Arsenal Magazine, “This was a special moment. Before I moved to Real Madrid, I spoke to Arsene Wenger and he wanted me to move to Arsenal. I said, “Believe me, in the future, if I have the opportunity to change clubs, you will be the first address for me.”

This quote helps make sense of what happened on that crazy day back in 2013.

Many rumours have swarmed around. One even claimed Real Madrid did us a favour as they’d messed us around with Gonzalo Higuain.

But it still never really made sense as to why no other clubs tried to sign him.