Mats Hummels has come out in support of Mesut Ozil ahead of Bayern Munich’s match against Arsenal on Wednesday night.

The defender, who plays with Ozil for the German national team, claimed that he’s surprised to hear reports that the midfielder might not be starting against the Bundesliga giants.

“For me it was a surprise that Mesut is doubtful to play,” Hummels said.

“He is a world-class player and someone who is always put on the field. I think he will be on the pitch tomorrow from the first minute because he is a class player.

“We have to make him play not good tomorrow because that would be bad for the result. Every offensive player has their good and bad moments.”

Hummels went on to defend Ozil by pointing out how there’s no such thing as a player who is on top form for every single match of their lives, saying, “It is not something you can project on one player. There is not one player who delivers in every game.”

Although Ozil’s form has taken a noticeable dip since he was sidelined with flu over the Christmas period, I doubt many Arsenal fans are genuinely concerned. We know he’s got the quality, he may just need to rebuild his fitness.

Whether he’ll be dropped for the Bayern match, I’m not sure. On one hand, Arsene Wenger isn’t the type of manager who gets rid of a player just because they have a handful of bad games but, on the other, with the way Arsenal have been playing lately, something’s got to change. I’m just not sure dropping Ozil is that ‘something’.

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