Martin Keown reckons that Arsene Wenger should start Petr Cech over David Ospina during Arsenal’s Champions League match away to Bayern Munich.

As we’ve already pointed out, Wenger isn’t taking any ‘gambles’ by starting the Colombian. He’s sticking with the keeper who’s been solid in the Champions League group stages rather than Cech, who’s been underwhelming in the league this season.

At least Keown acknowledged this in his column but also said that Cech should start because he’s won the Champions League before.

“It seems strange that Arsenal are not playing Petr Cech — their goalkeeper who starts week in, week out in the Premier League — in such a pivotal match,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Arsene Wenger will have picked David Ospina to play against Bayern Munich either for the Colombian’s form in the group stages or because he believes Cech, 34, is not at the level he once was and might struggle to play three games in a week.

“But Cech is the only Champions League winner in the Arsenal squad and he should be playing.”

By this logic, Cech has won the Premiership several times so should automatically be an asset in the league, right? Well, wrong. He’s not been any good this season and many have called for him to be dropped in favour of Dave on more than one occasion.

Will Ospina step up against Bayern? Only time will tell. However, he’s got as good a chance of pulling off a huge performance as Cech does, in my opinion.

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