Freddie Ljungberg will join Andries Jonker at Wolfsburg as our Head of Youth Development leaves to take up a managerial role but he’s said something very strange about Freddie.

Freddie has been coaching at Arsenal, namely the u15s and was positively glowing with joy about the whole thing recently.

In an interview in Germany, after this deal was announced, Jonker said about Freddie, “He said he was really upset, he is interested in the individual development of the players and what he says is what I think.”

Upset about what? Upset at leaving Arsenal? Upset about something at Arsenal?

Everything in this story has happened very quickly.

Wolfsburg only sacked their manager at the weekend. They seemed to decide almost immediately to replace him with Jonker, whom they’d stayed in touch with since he left them to join Arsenal.

Jonker, for his part, said he wasn’t even thinking about the job. “I never expected that I was a candidate for the role,” Jonker said. “I was very surprised, although I was always in touch with Wolfsburg.”

Any idea what you think Jonker might have meant about Freddiet? Leave your thoughts in the comments box and we’ll investigate further.

Let’s see if we can all get to the bottom of this.