As Leicester fell again this weekend without finding the back of the net, a lot of Arsenal fans’ attention turned back to Jamie Vardy and his decision to reject the club in the summer.

I was glad he didn’t sign, and while there is no guarantee his form would have been so poor in London, there is pleasure to be had in watching him struggle this season.

So, during Leicester’s game against Swansea I started wondering – has Jamie Vardy given more interviews about turning down Arsenal than the number of goals he has scored this season?

I went to find out.

Vardy has five league goals this season in 1,701 minutes. That’s an average rate of one goal every 340 minutes (or 3.78 games if you prefer).  But this average is skewed somewhat by the hattrick against City. He hadn’t scored in the 10 preceding that game in mid-December (and hasn’t scored since)

Take out that game and he has two goals in 21 league appearances. That’s one every 806.5 minutes/8.96 games.

He has scored goals in just three Premier League games this season (Swansea, Liverpool, City).

So what about those interviews?

Well, it’s close, but he has managed to score more goals than give interviews about rejecting Arsenal. Just.

He gave one interview in July, another at the start of September and then again at the end. He also included details about it in his autobiography which we’re including. It came out in October.

That’s Premier League goals 5 v Interviews about Arsenal 4.

It was a close run thing, but goals just about edges it.

However you might have noticed that he has given more interviews about rejecting Arsenal (4) than the number of games he’s scored in (3). Three is also the number of games he’s missed through red-card suspension.

[Vardy has one other goal this season – in the Community Shield which doesn’t count.

Also, his attacking score for the season is 33.45. Lucas Perez, who has played only 267 Premier League minutes compared to Vardy’s 1,701, has a score of 101.29]

[Editors note: Minutes taken from Transfermarkt. Minutes listed on Squawka state 1,699]

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