Ian Wright is standing behind the comments he made about Wenger getting ready to leave Arsenal at the end of the season, despite Arsene Wenger saying he never gave that impression at all.

When you read Wright’s comments you can clearly see, as we discussed, that the majority of what he said was based on his own gut feelings and suppositions.

Wenger was quite clear after the game against Hull that he had no plans to finish his career just yet, but Wrighty had another go on Match of the Day.

”Well I got the tiredness right [Wenger said he was probably tired from getting up early (6am) and going to bed late (sometimes 2 or 3am, especially pre-and-post-match)].

“The thing is, it was a question and answer, and it was a really good evening.

“The way the boss was speaking, talking about coming to the end, his demeanour, and the way it was going – it was my opinion. I could be wrong, seldom am, but the fact is that’s what I based it on and I stick by it. 

I think with everything that’s going on, there is some tough games coming up and I still think he has got some massive decisions to make, and I still think this might be his last season, I genuinely do.”

‘I could be wrong, seldom am’ – no harm, Wrighty, but come on! Is there no possibility that Wenger’s perceived mood could have been something to do with a fight with a family member? Or a splitting headache? Or having to read constant bull**** about himself in the papers? Or the sadness that comes with realising that you’re 67 and of course you have the majority of a career you adore behind you?

As you can very clearly see in these latest comments from Ian, he is talking based on his opinion and impression, which is quite different to how it was put across the first time around.

The quote above from Wright contains four sentences. He says the words ‘my opinion’ or ‘’I think’ four times.

As one of the greatest ever players to pull on an Arsenal shirt, Wrighty is, of course, more than entitled to his opinion on the club, the manager and anything else he wants to speak about. There can be no doubt about that.

That still doesn’t turn opinion into fact.

I’d like it if so-called ‘newspapers’ stopped treating them as the same.

Of course Wenger is ‘coming to the end’ – he’s 67-years-old for f** sake. That isn’t news.

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