Hull travel to the Emirates this weekend on the back of a brilliant result against Liverpool.

In fact, when they entered this four-match run, labelled at the time a ‘death run’, few gave Marco Silva a chance. Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal back-to-back in the league would test any manager. Surely this unknown upstart, who has just arrived in the ‘best league in the world’ to he incredulity of some ‘pundits’ would be shown up immediately?

Can you believe that media companies pay these guys for their opinions?

Hull beat Liverpool. They got a draw at Old Trafford. They lost to Chelsea, but who doesn’t these days? They’ve also almost knocked United out of the EFL Cup to make the final themselves.

So, it’s no surprise that Harry Maguire is aiming to take all the points from the Emirates against an Arsenal team that is rocking once again.

“We haven’t had many days off,” said Maguire.

“The gaffer is very thorough, we work hard and I think it is showing.

 “We are more than happy to go into training all day, every day, if it means us staying in the Premier League.

 “Everyone was writing us off but we’ve actually closed the gap.

“We’ve had two clean sheets in a row and now we’re looking for three points at Arsenal.”

Arsenal need to win this game. Badly. Will they? At this point, who knows?