William Gallas, loved by nobody, believes that the main difference between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho is that the latter wants to win every game, implying that the Arsenal manager does not.

Speaking to the press, the huffy one, said, “You get criticism when you don’t win trophies, when you don’t win games, and that is maybe the difference between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger.

“Mourinho wants to win every game and at the end of the season sometimes he has success but, for Arsene, Arsenal didn’t win from 2004 so everybody starts to criticise him because football has changed.

“Football is about victory, about trophies. Players want to lift trophies. If you don’t lift a trophy in your career, you will feel disappointed at the end of your career.

“I don’t know what Arsenal are going to do but they have to win trophies again.

“Maybe it is time to change something at the end of the season.”

What Gallas fails to mention is the differing budgets that both have had to work with over the last decade. Would Mourinho have stuck around anywhere to build a club if they didn’t give him a gazillion pounds every summer? It’s unlikely.

To say that Mourinho wants to win more than Arsene Wenger is just ridiculous.  You can level many criticisms at Wenger, but not wanting to win is not one of them. You might not agree with how he goes about trying to get those wins, but never mistake that for him not wanting it in the first place.

Oh, and for the record, over the last 3 years, the trophy count reads Arsene Wenger 2 v Jose Mourinho 2. Overall in England, it’s Wenger 9 v Mourinho 7. Wenger might have had longer in the division, but let’s not forget he spent 10 years building a club. Mourinho spent his time just buying trophies. Wenger also has 15 Manager of the Month awards to Mourinho’s four – a fact known to seriously get under his skin.

Still sickens me this no-mark was given the Arsenal captaincy AND the number 10 shirt.