Manchester United defender, Matteo Darmian, claims that Alexis Sanchez is one the toughest opponents in the Premier League.

The 27-year-old was asked to name the toughest players he’s faced in a recent interview.

Unsurprisingly, since he only joined United from Torino in 2015, he had to preface his comments by saying that, of course, his current team is very, very tough. However, apart from them, in the Premier League, he named Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and our very own Alexis Sanchez as the toughest. Go us.

“I think in Serie A, probably Carlos Tevez, when he played for Juventus. I think he was one of the most difficult opponents to play against in Serie A,” he said.

“He had a lot of things in his game but I think the best thing was his character because he never gave up, he tried to follow every player to take the ball, and I think he was a great player during the period he was playing for Juventus. He did very well.

“If I have to mention one from the Premier League, it’s difficult because there are a lot of very good players – we have a lot of very good players in our team as well – but if I have to choose one from another team, I think it’s maybe Eden Hazard or Alexis Sanchez.”

To be fair, I’d be surprised if most defenders in the Premiership didn’t fear Alexis at least a little bit. His movement is unreal and he never stops, so even after your legs have gone, his won’t have and he has the ability to make you look like a fool with one look up.

Darmien has only faced Arsenal twice and is yet to play a full match against Alexis, although during the Italian’s first match against him, the Gunners won 3-0 and our Chilean scored a brace.

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