We’ve already stepped into February and it’s not a pleasant place to be so far.

After a ridiculous loss at home to Watford on the last day of January, the new month started with an equally frustrating loss at Stamford Bridge. Luckily, there are three more matches to be played in second month of 2017.

I say ‘luckily’ but it’s safe to assume we’re all a bit scared and worried about how it will all look after the month is done. Yeah, I’m going with a month instead of a week because the performances we’ve seen lately have been happening for a while now.

Let’s focus on what’s in front of us, shall we?

Our 2nd Premier league match of February should be easy. SHOULD. We’re facing Hull City who will definitely be encouraged by their great results in their last few matches, where they managed to draw against United at Old Trafford and beat Liverpool 2-0 in what many said was a ‘death run’ for them.

After that, it doesn’t get any easier as we travel to fairly familiar ground although it’s in Germany. It’s time for the first leg of the Champions League knock-out stages against Bayern. Same old same old, although this time we will have home advantage in the second leg. If you can call that an advantage. I’m definitely one of around only 10 Gooners worldwide who is still optimistic about the Champions League so don’t listen when I say we’ll draw there.

At the end of the month, we have yet another “fairly easy” match in the FA cup. Sutton United celebrated when they drew Arsenal, while Gooners were frustrated due to only 750 away tickets being made available. I was happy because it’s an easy opponent and the FA Cup is still very much within our reach.

But, you know, Arsenal.

We might win all February matches with a goal difference 10-0, and we might lose them in the same way. That’s why we love football. At least that’s what they tell us.

Wallpapers are available in 3 sizes, as per usual. Photo is from one of few good matches in January. Simply right-click to save and tweet me pictures of your screen/desktop.

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Anita is a twenty-something Gooner from Croatia who creates wallpapers for Gooners from all over the world, tweets too much, mostly about Arsenal and food, and is married to a United fan. She likes Scandinavian novels, British music, Italian food and certain French manager. She can be found on Twitter @Arsenalofka.