It’s well known that Arsene Wenger rarely reaches for his subs before the 70 minute mark, but did you know he’s made more changes than the opposition this season?

Wenger’s reasons for not changing things until late on is well known. He has ultimate faith in his players and generally only makes a change when he suspects tiring legs – either in his own team or the opposition.

But when he does make a change, he tends to make all three. Something that is not always the case for the opposition.

Arsenal have made 93 subs this season compared to 86 by opposing teams. In fact, in only two games this season has Wenger not used all thee subs – at Burnley (2), against Middlesbrough (2), and at Southampton in the FA Cup (2).

In total, Wenger has made subs more than the opposition manager six times this season – at Burnley, against Ludgorets home and away, against PSG in the Champions League, Southampton in the League Cup, and West Brom in the league.

Compared to the other top six sides, Arsenal have made 15 more subs than Chelsea, 4 more than Tottenham, one more than Manchester City, 13 more than Liverpool, but 14 fewer than Manchester United.

So what’s the point of this? No point, I just find it interesting and thought you might too.

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