Sutton United manager, Paul Boswell, has confirmed that Arsenal will donate £50,000 to help them build classrooms.

Arsenal had been in discussions with the National League side for a few days over a way that they could help them financially, a side of the game you hear little about amidst hysterical narratives about things that don’t matter.

In the good ‘ol days, this tie would have simply been switched to the Emirates to allow Sutton to benefit from the huge gate receipts, but the FA don’t like that sort of thing any more. They even ban clubs from donating their share of the gate.

So, Arsenal have found a way around this stupidity, by promising £50,000 to a community fund so that they can build some classrooms. Incidentally, that’s around the same amount as they would have given had they been allowed to give up their share of the gate receipts. The only difference is that Arsenal have to come up with a ‘way’ to do it instead of just doing it.

“The reality is that Arsenal have been superb all the way through this,” Doswell told the Evening Standard. “We think they’re going to help us with the classroom, that’s what we’re trying.

“It’s going to go into the community fund and they’ve promised us £50,000 and that will buy two classrooms.

“That is an amazing gesture from them and one we’re very thankful for.”

In total, Sutton have earned around £1m from their cup run. “The money will be spent on 100 children, 16-18, on site,” Doswell added. “We’ll buy new dressing rooms, new classrooms, all the toilets [will be fixed].

“Everything you could want your house to look like, we’ll get it in order. It won’t be spent on players.”