Arsene Wenger was unsurprisingly happy after his side’s win over Crystal Palace but try as they might, Sky Sports could not get him to gush over Olivier Giroud’s goal as much as they wanted him to.

Speaking after the final whistle, Wenger was asked about the goal in a number of different ways. Wenger has never been one for singling out players for individual praise and it wasn’t that he wouldn’t praise Giroud – he did so more than adequately – it’s just that he didn’t seem to do it with enough pants-wetting to satisfy the reporter.

“It was a great counter attack at great speed, in fact the ball was kicked behind him and he had that reflex you know that surprises everyone who knows football and what makes football great,” Wenger said when first asked about the goal. “It’s a surprise, of course a fantastic goal.”

Pushed to rank the goal in terms of all the greats he’s seen over the years from Henry, Bergkamp and co., Wenger replied, “I was a bit spoilt over the years by that exceptional quality that all these players had and you remember every one with an exceptional goal and that will certainly remain as the exceptional Giroud goal.”

This still wasn’t enough for the reporter who then asked if he’d ever seen anything to suggest that Giroud was capable of that sort of skill. “It’s a reflex,” Wenger said, “and I think all of us can score this kind of a goal.

“At the moment you have the strength, the power, the reflex, the mental reflex just to kick the ball but Olivier is very good in front of goal on crosses but I never saw this kind of goal from him.”

Watch the interview in full in the video below: