On Friday, the biggest story doing the rounds was Diego Costa being dropped by Chelsea because he wants to go to China and earn all the monies.

Chelsea are, understandably, furious, while those of us who don’t support the Blues can’t help but find a delicious bit of irony here that the club and owner who first turned football on its head using unlimited wealth are now having to suck it up themselves. Is that irony? I always get confused. It’s certainly hilarious, I know that.

It’s been 13 years since Abramovich arrived at Chelsea.

In that time they have pissed all over any club they liked. They’ll look for sympathy because the Chinese ‘problem’ will affect us all, but what they don’t understand is that the rest of us have been dealing with the same sort of thing for 13 years – first from them and then from Manchester City and PSG (and to a lesser extent from Barcelona and Real Madrid).

You aren’t special, Chelsea.

You aren’t immune from what others have to face.

Your money can’t protect you now and your behaviour over the last 13 years means that not only will nobody back you in this fight, they will be laughing their arses off, hoping Costa follows through and heads east.

We’ll be sitting on the sidelines praying it derails Chelsea’s season.

But, mostly, we will be revelling in football doing what it always does, eventually – screwing everybody equally.