If you’re anything like me, one of the highlights of your week used to be sitting down on your lunch break and listening to the Tuesday Club podcast.

Hosted by comedian Alan Davies and alongside Ian Stone, Tayo Popoola and Keith Dover, the Tuesday Club took a humourous look back at the week’s Arsenal fixtures, win or lose.

Named after the social gatherings that took place between the Arsenal players of the 1990s, such as Lee Dixon, Perry Groves and Paul Merson, the Tuesday Club was listened to Gooners worldwide.

In an age where it feels like many take football too seriously, it was refreshing to be able to sit down and actually laugh at what a shower of s**t Arsenal can be at times.

This season, however, the podcast has disappeared and recently, a string of angry tweets followed by their Twitter being deactivated has led many to believe that that’s it for the Tuesday Club.

via Reddit

It appears as if a mixture of limited time, since all the hosts have other work, and perhaps indigence over some of the fans’ responses to a tongue-in-cheek tweet about payment has ultimately led to the podcast’s demise.

Although it’s a massive shame and we hope they chance their minds soon. And if you’re looking for a podcast to replace it, why not check out ours?