If you’ve been doing any online reading this morning, headlines claiming that Olivier Giroud won’t rule out a move to China will have greeted you in certain places.

Like on the Daily Star website.

giroud china headline

Given the fact that most people don’t read below the headline, there will be a lot of people thinking that this means he could be on his way sooner rather than later.

Not so.

Scroll down below the fold in the Star piece and you’ll find a line saying ‘But don’t worry Arsenal fans, the Frenchman isn’t going anywhere yet,’ something they’ve clearly tried to hide in their headline and subhead.

So what did he really say?

“Honestly, from my point of view I will tell you that I can understand, but if you asked me if I want to go now I will tell you ‘no’,” Giroud said at a Puma event.

“The Premier League is my main target so after when I will win it one day, why not, you never know.”

That’s quite different than what is implied, and not surprising in the slightest.

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