Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, has spoken highly of ‘monsters’ Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Last year marked Wenger’s 20th year in charge of Arsenal, six years less than Fergie managed the Red Devils.

Speaking recently, current Chelsea boss, Conte, revealed that although he maybe wouldn’t want to be a manager of one club for quite that long, 10 years would be nice.

“Sir Alex Ferguson is a good example for me,” Conte said.

“When I see him and I see Arsene [Wenger], you are talking about two monsters, two great managers.

“I hope to have not completely their career, but 10 years. That’s enough for me.

“But football is our life. When you decide to do this job, it is because you like to have this pressure. And the moment that you miss it, we are in trouble.”

Whether Conte manages to keep his job with the Blues for nine more for years, we’ll have to see, although given Roman Abramovich’s reputation for lack of… patience, I don’t see it happening.

A couple of bad runs or a season in which the club don’t win anything and Conte could very quickly be shown the door, despite what success he might bring in the mean time.

Saying this, since Arsenal thrashed them 3-0 at the Emirates earlier in the season, Chelsea have been doing well, only losing once (to Spurs) since. They’re top of the Premier League table by five points and appear to have gelled just about all over the pitch.

It’s good to see Conte aiming for longevity, however, since it’s a rare occurrence in the modern game.