Arsene Wenger has told us all what we knew was likely but didn’t want to hear – Santi Cazorla is f**ked.

Of course, he didn’t say it in those exact words, but he did say that Cazorla won’t be returning in January, that he will need at least six weeks after he starts running outside before he can return and that he hasn’t started running outside yet.


Wenger also confirmed that he would not be looking to replace Santi in this window as it’s very hard to find a player of his calibre during this window.

Other team news

Francis Coquelin

Scan today (Thursday). Expected to be out for up to four weeks with a Grade 2 hamstring tear.

Lucas Perez

A doubt for the weekend with an ankle problem.

Danny Welbeck

Could be involved against Preston but that depends on Lucas’s fitness.

Wenger confirmed that they are being very careful with Welbeck’s return and the player, although busting to get back, is heeding the advice of the medics and taking it slowly.

Mesut Ozil

Returned to the club after two weeks in bed with the ‘flu (or a throat infection, Wenger didn’t know what it was). He will not be involved this weekend.

Alexis Sanchez

Will be rested.

Laurent Koscileny

Will be rested after suffering cramp against Bournemouth.

Kieran Gibbs

Out with a knee injury.

Theo Walcott

Out with a calf problem. Is the closest of the injured players to returning.

There are no other reported problems from the game against Bournemouth.

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