Arsenal took it as a personal challenge to make this “easy cup fixture” more entertaining for the neutrals.

Another awful first half and a late saving goal but this time for a win rather than just a draw. Giroud once again did the saving, without a silly celebration this time.

David Ospina – 6.5

Well, Dave couldn’t have done much for their goal, his defence let him down. He was decent during whole match, and I’m not sure Cech would do any better tonight.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles – 6.5

He looked a bit lost during first half but didn’t have any help from Mustafi. I wish he was a bit tougher in tackles but he grew into the match and looked much better in second half. Okay up front.

Shkodran Mustafi – 6

Even though we didn’t lose probably thanks to him in our team (no, I’m not being superstitious, you are!), he was probably out worst player tonight, along with certain winger. Looked lost and confused in the first half and clearly not 100% ready just yet.

Gabriel – 6

Our only carded and bleeding player tonight. He didn’t do too well, gave the ball away easily and struggled to keep away their attacks. I miss Koscielny already.

Nacho Monreal – 6.5

Probably our best defender today, much because I can’t think of anything he did wrong. Decent going forward with some okay-ish crosses but should have done better.

Granit Xhaka- 6.5

Once again I’m let down by my dream pairing Xhaka-Ramsey. Both of them looked bad in the first half (should copy paste this phrase) but picked it up in second half. Then he was just okay, with some attempts that where blocked.

Aaron Ramsey – 7

Whatever you think of Ramsey, he was statistically one of our top performers. Lots of passes with good accuracy, chances created, interceptions, and, let’s not forget, A GOAL. It was a good goal right when we needed it. Of course he should have done better as we know he can, but give him a break once in a while.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 5.5

This man frustrates the hell out of me. Since the match started, I rolled my eyes at his passes. Am I a hater? Or is he a bad footballer? He’s not a good footballer. Silly passes, kept the ball when he should have passed, only okay corners…nothing good from him today in my opinion. Wish he was subbed at half time.

Alex Iwobi – 7

Iwobi showed he is better at 10 than Ramsey but still not close to Mesut. He was good, linking up with players well and trying to make things happen. He was involved in Ramsey’s goal. Yeah, his first half was sloppy but he stepped up in second and did well overall. Keep it up!

Lucas Perez – 7

Lucas wasn’t too into this match and barely picked it up in the second half. I should probably give him 6.5 but ohh man, that assist for our winner was just brilliant and enough to turn me around. He should have done better in most situations and I’m sure he knows it as well.

Olivier Giroud – 8

I mean. This man. Another crucial goal and another fighting performance. Always in it, always pushing and trying. Not always too good or too spectacular but he was at least trying to do something and looked genuinely frustrated. I’m so glad he got that goal!


Subs? They got 8 whole minutes. No point in rating that.