Over the past week and a bit we’ve been hearing loads of chatter about PSG’s interest in Alexis Sanchez but now Atletico Madrid are being linked with the Chilean according to a report from Chile as well as Juventus who are linked with just about everybody.

I’m not overly sure what I can add to any of this story, really. We all know he’s out of contract in 2018. We all know large parts of the press are salivating at the thought of him leaving Arsenal, despite the fact the league would lose one of its true stars.

Wenger said that he would hold both Alexis and Ozil to their contracts but you can’t help feel that those same people who are slating the club for coming close to losing the duo would be the first to pan them for allowing the pair to leave for free.

What can the club do if Alexis won’t sign?

They have two options. Keep him for a year and hope he can make a difference and changes his mind or sell him so they don’t lose his transfer fee.

Neither are ideal, but then the only thing that would be is him signing the new deal the club have put on the table in front of him.

It’s also worth noting that Atletico are currently under a transfer ban and would not be able to complete any deal until this time next year (January 2018).