Arsene Wenger met with the press on Friday morning and was, of course, asked about Mathieu Debuchy’s recent comments and the boss didn’t hold back.

In a recent interview with L’Equipe, Debuchy said, “Before my loan to Bordeaux, I was often in his office. But now, I have not felt the need to. I do not want to.

“We greet each other, we say hello, nothing more.”

He then spoke, again, about this apparent interest from Manchester United and Arsenal blocking a move.

“I wasn’t playing a lot, it was United, there’s nothing else to say.

“For me, it was unexpected, but the coach said no.

“It’s something I did not appreciate. He wasn’t using me, so I didn’t see his interest in doing that.”

He wasn’t using you because you were always injured.

Anyway. Debuchy didn’t stop there.

“Honestly, I do not know where that is [his next club],” Debuchy added. “I said to my agents not to come to me unless they have something concrete.

“Aside from that, Marseille are still Marseille. Even if the results have been a little difficult, they remain one of the biggest clubs in Ligue 1. As well, there is a nice project that is in the process of being put in place with a manager who I know well [Rudi Garcia].”

But Arsene Wenger has a completely different version of events

He said there has been no interest from any clubs in Debuchy and that there was absolutely no interest from United in him during the summer.

“Yes, of course we speak,” Wenger said when asked about Debuchy’s first comments. “We communicate with all the players and it’s a little bit frustrated article from a player who is injured.

“When you’re injured you cannot play.

“When he had the opportunity to play when Bellerin was injured, he was injured so I cannot do anything about that.

“I gave him last year the opportunity to go to Bordeaux on loan but we have nobody coming in for him during the summer period and there are some things that are not true in this article.

“We never blocked him from going to Fiorentina, nor to Espanyol. They had no interest in him at all because we checked that.

“You have to take this article with a little distance.”

The reporter then pushed the point about Debuchy being more annoyed about a move to United being blocked. “They never made an offer for him,” Wenger replied. “So that’s completely untrue?” the reporter responded. “That’s completely untrue,” echoed Wenger.

“It’s sometimes surprising to hear things like that.”